Cologne City Council decides:

Change will come on July 1, 2024On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, the City Council of Cologne approved by a large majority the amended statutes presented by the City of Cologne to expand the culture support tax and thus decided to expand the culture support tax (KFA) for business travelers from July 1, 2024.In addition, the Cologne Council is following the administrative proposal to rename the KFA the overnight stay tax.Currently, the cultural development tax of five percent of the overnight price is only levied on privately arranged paid overnight stays in Cologne, for example by tourists.

That changes for overnight guests in Cologne

Visitors to the city who stay overnight in Cologne accommodation providers will pay overnight stay tax from July 1, 2024, regardless of whether the overnight stay is absolutely necessary for work or not.

Unlike before, it will no longer be necessary to provide information about the purpose of the trip using a form when checking in. The tax rate remains unchanged at five percent of the overnight stay.

For further information have a look on the page of the City of cologne