Our Neighbourhood – The “Kunibertsviertel”

Right in the heart of Cologne and directly on the River Rhine; this urban quarter unifies young and old, modern spirit and tradition – this makes our quarter worth to live and to love.

This attractive essentially Cologne ward sprawls from the river Rhine around the Romanic Church of St Kunibert, the church our quarter is named after. St Kunibert, the youngest of the Romanic Churches in Cologne, however, it is older than the 1248 build Cathedral. Many well-known companies have their headquarters here, e.g. the supermarkets group “REWE” or the famous “Institute of the German Economy”.

One contributing factor that makes this area so popular as a living area and as a business site is the excellent public transport connection. With the main station, the underground lines, a dense network of interstates and the Cologne International Airport it is easy to arrive at near or far destinations. Many famous sights are in walking distance.

Straßenschild der Kunibertsklostergasse, Im Hintergrund die Turmspritze des Kolsters