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Ludwig Suite - Hotel Ludwig | Near Cologne Cathedral / Central Station

“Ludwig Suite”

65 sqm, with two separate rooms …

Our Ludwig suite - non smoking - offers You on 65 sqm a large living area with lounge, large working desk, mini bar and meeting table. In addition a seperate well apointed sleeping room with a high class bathroom. The suite is fully air-conditioned and soundproofed.

Room facilities

  • Wireless highspeed internet connection in all rooms without extra costs
  • Adjustable air conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Separate bedroom with high quality beds and linen
  • Flat screen TV with 28 national and international programs
  • Sufficient sockets for Your electronic devices
  • Work desk with lamp
  • Round Tub with shower, WC, cosmestic mirror, hair dryer and amenities
  • Two direct dial phones for receiving calls or wake up calls

  • Ludwig Suite Hotel Ludwig
  • Ludwig Suite Bad Hotel Ludwig
  • Ludwig Suite Bad Hotel Ludwig
  • Ludwig Suite Bad Stilleben Hotel Ludwig

Rooms Available

Hotel mit drei Sternen

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